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    • 1680Q One Head Printer
    • Description:
      Advertising machine
      Head type : EPSON5/EPSON7 single head
      The secondary ink cartridges supply system

    •  Function: Advertising machine                                          
      Head type: EPSON5/EPSON7 single  head
      Overall design: High-end positioning, the new appearance innovative design, high precision, long beam and the new platform paper feeding, Corrugated paper-out platform design.
      Heating system: intelligent before and after heating, independent heating before and after the display, temperature control can be digitally adjusted, more accurate temperature settings.  The heating using a large area absorption of paper heating, heating more uniform.
      The platform in and out of paper: The new aluminum front design of heating plate, material transfer temperature quickly, the paper-out platform using corrugated paper-out design
      , breaking the traditional arc design, Let the applicability  get closer promotion
      External drying system: wind and heat integration device, to achieve a single independent control, the drying temperature is adjustable, in the printing process ,the material can fast dry at same time, can directly roll paper.
      The secondary ink cartridges supply system: Adopt the new secondary ink cartridges for ink technology. It have suspension sensors, Can guarantee Security ink and ink storage ,when the main ink bottle low ink level , The secondary ink bottle can promptly supply ink, Ensure the supply ink flow, and more stable.
      Elevator maintenance station: use elevator maintenance station, to further ensure the ink stability. Double printers use sole independent research and development of double elevator maintenance station, ink absorption stable, easy to adjust.
      Board configuration: Hansen board, high performance, high precision, high speed. (it’s printing industry  the best of candidates)
      Power supply system: Using filter type power supply to ensure that the machine is not affected by the interference current, integrated power supply, little space occupation, maintenance more convenient.
      Motor configuration: the car uses a higher stability of the servo motor, the step-by-step system using high speed step motor+ drive
      Paper system: Uniform double pipe system, single head: 15 RPM with single power device; double: 25 RPM with double power device

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