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    • XL-1800C Epson Single head DX5/DX7
    • Description:
      1.EPSON DX5/Dx7 print head
      2.With high output quality that up to 1440DPI precision.
      3.With Automatic Ink Maintenance station.
      4.Printing speed can be 15sqm/h in 4 pass

    • X-Roland Piezoelectric pictorial machine (color,monochrome plotter)

      1. Adopt EPSON DX5/Dx7 printhead, which with 180 nozzles / roll *8 lines *1. With high output quality that up to 1440DPI precision.

      2.Staggered arrangement printing can imporve the productivity. The printing speed can be 15sqm/h in 4 pass under the staggered arrangement printing mode.

      3.Adopt New Variable Droplet Control Technology, which achieve the three grayscale to make the printing more delicate and accurate. It can output the perfect printing with VSD technology even in high speed or low resolution.

      4.With separately front, middle and back heating system, automatic Media take-up system.

      5. The height of printhead can be adjustable according to the thickness of media from 2mm to 5mm, to ensure the good spary quality.

      6. Adopt Three Intelligent Eclosion Print Function, which can eliminate the broken picture and make the printing more perfect and delicate.

      7. With Automatic Ink Maintenance station. The automatic self-designed absorbing device with simple operation is convenient for mantaining, And the automatic up / down sucking ink function can reduce to wast of ink.


        Model 1800C
      Print head Printing method Epson Dx5/Dx7 choosable
      Qty 1pcs
      Nozzles qty 180 nozzles/line*8 lines
      Print resolution Max. 1440dpi
      Speed 3pass Unique four kinds of model selection,±15-18sqm/h
      4pass Unique four kinds of model selection,±12-15sqm/h
      6pass Unique four kinds of model selection,±10-12sqm/h
      8pass Unique four kinds of model selection,±8-10sqm/h
      Drying Heating drying Standard heat before and after
      Blow dry Air drying standard
      Medium Medium size 1800mm
      Media type Water-based highlights photo paper,PP,Light sheet,
      Canvas for painting,Heat sublimation paper and close
      Outdoor single through,Car stickers
      Automatic damping feed cloth system,microcomputer
      control automatic collection paper standard
      Ink type Water-based ink
      Ink supply system Continuous high-capacity ink system, 
      each color can spare 500 ml
      Feather way Panel can be adjusted randomly feather,
      The unique imagand color piece selection
      Nozzle cleaning Sliding type automatic cleaning and scraping system
      Printing interface USB high speed data transmission 
      and unique breakpoint continuingly printing
      Work environment Temp 18-29°C,Humidity 50-80%Rh
      Power supply Rated power:50Hz,Rated voltage:AC110V/220V
      Print software Photo print,Maintop
      Machine size  
      Packing size 2860*760*630mm
      Machine weight 205kg