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    • 1930Q single head printer
    • Description:
      * XL-1680Q/XL-1930Q printer is our new model of 2017.
      * We make a big improve on the boards work platform and the color resolution.

    • Product Application

      XL-1680Q/XL-1930Q printer is our new model of 2017. 

      We make a big improve on the boards, work platform, and the color resolution. After our engineer and technicians team hard work , study form the market and clients requirement , we    make a big progress, especially on the printing color and the printing resolution, this new model printer has the excellent  power to satisfy most of our clients high requirement.

      This printer is suitable for eco solvent printing, sublimation printing .

      SPECIFICATIONS FOR XL-1680Q/XL-1930Q Digital Printer
      Item Model
      1680Q/1930Q Single head
      1930Q Double Head
      Print head
      Epson 5 /7
      Epson 5 /7
      Maximum Print Width
      1700mm / 1950mm
      4 pass: 20 m2/h
      4 pass: 40 m2/h
      6 pass: 14 m2/h
      6 pass: 28 m2/h
      Hydraulic system
      8 pass: 12 m2/h
      8 pass: 24 m2/h
      RIP Software
      Maintop, Photo print, Ultraprint
      AC220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 800-2500W
      Packing size
      2900*880*650 mm
      Gross Weight
      300-340 KGS

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