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    • 3200PS RICOH GEN5 UV Printer
    • Description:
      1.Ricoh G5 head can use for more than 5 years
      2.Automatic measure the height of the head with different material
      3.Anticollision device of the car
      4.Allow Size:3200mm

    • Technical  Parameters


      Model 3200PS
      Print Head Ricoh GEN5
      Print Head's Quantity 2/4
      The Maximum Print Size 3200mm
      Print Speed of the Head

      4pass:32m2/h     6pass:20m2/h

      8pass:15m2/h   12pass:9m2/h

      Color Type (CMYK) UV Ink
      Ink Supply System Use with 1.2 L large ink bottle,continuous ink system,negative pressure ink 
      Print Wideth 3200mm
      Print Materials PP,Photographic Paper,Indoor Light Fabric,Draftting Paper,Vinyl Sheet,Canvas,SAV,Heat Transfer Paper ,Reflecting Material and  act
      The Height of Print Head Distance from the medium with 2-8 mm stepless adjustable
      Heating System Embedded intelligent heating system
      Media Absorb System  Suction and Absorbing System with stepless adjustable
      Cloth Feeding System Include (Weight:60KGS)
      Print Head Automatic Cleaning System Un-warped Pressing Paper Automatic,manual cleaning with anti-blocking flash spray function and moisturizing function Combination of uniform resistance un-wrapped pressing papers
      Automatic Collecting System Heavy collecting System:60KGS
      Interface Hi-USB2.0
      RIP Software Maintop ,Photo print ,Ultraprint
      Power AC220V,50HZ/60HZ,800W---2500W
      Size Package size:510*880*1270(mm)


      Machine Features:


      1.Overall Design: the main platform of our solvent printing machine is one-batch forming, upgrade design ensure high-resolution printing and good stability.

      2.G5 printhead: Richo G5 2/4pcs heads optional, Adopt high speed, high-precision and high quality printhead to ensure excellent production efficiency, rich bright colors, and stunning 720 × 1880 dpi high resolution. Five colors Printing--C M Y K + W*2 (six printhead double white).

      3.UV white ink printing technology: UV soft film printer, Adopt unique double layers UV white ink printing technology, using two parallel printheads together to print white ink, so that the thickness of white ink layers is more full thick than the printers with only single printhead. 

      4.Printhead Design: Adopt the principle of industrial negative pressure ink supply. Secondary negative pressure ink tank to store ink and improve the mobility of the ink. Adjustable ink size. And the distance of printhead and media is 2-8mm stepless adjustable.

      5.Medium output: The Maximum print width of uv soft film inkjet printer is 3.2m and the maximum print speed is 24sqm/h.

      6.Ink supply system: uv soft film large format printer adopt four big ink pumps design, 1.2L large capacity ink system to ensure long uninterrupted printing.

      7.Printhead automatic cleaning system: Precision and constant negative pressure system can smoothly control the pressure inside the printhead, strong suction, negative pressure type ink can solve the problem of flash spray, and printhead cleaning can be more convenient. With negative pressure system main board, with air pump to provide negative pressure, to ensure the mobility of the ink. Not only to ensure stable supply in high-speed inkjet printing, and to avoid the printhead leakage of ink.

      8.UV Control System: Double UV lamp, lens UV lamp design. Standard with UV host, you can freely control the UV lights on or off on the left and right sides, and Choose different levels of irradiation energy, so that the printing screen have perfect curing effect even on different types of media.  

      9.Heating system: As one kinds of digital printer, ICAN-3200PR with embedded intelligent heating system + medium adsorption system, suction is stepless adjustable.  

      10.Shanghai board: our uv soft film inkjet printer adopt a full set of Shanghai board that is the domestic first-line brand board, high-precision printing, stable performance.

      11.Standard configuration include a computer: Configuring a whole set of computer host and display, with a complete operating software installed and parameter set up already, once starting up can be used directly.

      12.Infrared detection on paper: To prevent the transmitting of paper is not stable, timely warning.

      13.Configure the servo motor driver. Dual power medium take-up system.


      Packaging Details:
      Wooden case
      Delivery Detail:
      Within 7 business days after received payment

      Detailed Image


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      Solvent Printer, ECO Solvent Inkjet Printer, Flatbed UV Printer, Roll-to-Roll UV Printer,Textile / Fabric Printer/Banner Printer/Film printer/Printer Ink, printhead, printing machine accessories

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      Why Choose Us

      1) 10 years experience of printing equipment industry

      2) Professional team, software engineers, hardware engineers, marketing staff

      3) Comply with CE & RoHS standards.       4) Excellent pre-sales and after-sell service. 

      5) 24 hours online technical support.        6) One year warranty for all machine. 

      7) Printing ink,print media, spare parts, one stop service.

      Every Inkjet Printer must get through strict adjustment and testing before delivery.

      Adjust the printing platform       Adjust the print head                  



      Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

      A: We are factory and have Guangzhou xingmeng trading company for exporting and documents.

      Q2: Does the printing machines have working video?
      A: We have uploaded some machine printing video in our website: www.icanprinter.com; if you want to see more printing effect, please contact our our account managers.

      Q3. Is the machine equipped with software?
      A: The machine is already equipped with both the controlling software and RIP software. Also the maintop RIP software and photo print are optional.


      Q4. What certificates do you have?

      A: We have the CE ,EMC,LVD MD certifications for all of our clients. If you need any certification for imported, just tell us ,we will try to solve it.

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