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    • 2513 Ricoh Gen5 UV Flat Printer
    • Description:
      1.Ricoh G5 head can use for more than 5 years
      2.Automatic measure the height of the head with different material
      3.Anticollision device of the car
      4.Allow Size:2500mm*1300mm

    • Product Description

      1. There are 384 high-density nozzle, printing fast, spray test up to 300 billion times No clogging No oblique spray, the service life of printhead is 3-5 years, 4 grade gray control, ink droplets 3PL, high print accuracy.

      2. LED UV ink raw materials imported from Taiwan, and through multi-stage grinding, filtration. UV ink fluency is good, colorful, never plug the nozzle, ink on adhesion of the material is very strong. Environmental protection, odorless, meets the European environmental standards.

      3. Certified supplies accessories: All ink system components are certified by the ink manufacturers that in the course of the use will not produce any chemical reaction.

      4. High-precision printhead board: printhead board is made by a professional high-precision processing plant OEM, high processing precision. The error does not exceed 0.01mm to improve print accuracy.

      5. Collision Avoidance System of printhead: The collision avoidance system of printhead prevent accidents caused by artificial errors or material deformation, protection of the printhead better.

      6. High efficient, stable USB3.0 interface: USB3.0 transfer rate up to USB2.0 ten times, high efficient, energy saving, strong compatibility, when the amount of large tasks, but also can easily deal with, fiber transmission anti-jamming capability stronger, print output more stable.

      7. White color independent dual negative pressure: in the high frequency printing process to maintain the perfect output, greatly improving the stability of the device.

      8. High-strength steel frame: All-steel welding, long time natural stereotypes, gantry milling milling surface, to ensure that the printing of glass, stone and other heavy materials, mechanical precision will not be deformed.

      9. Three-axis four-motor drive system (with Japan's Fuji Brand motor): Using three-axis four-motor drive system, perfectly solve the printing position inaccurate problem, selection of industry-leading brand of servo motor to protect the mechanical transmission accuracy, durable.

      10. Import chain: Imported high-speed and quiet chain so that your work environment more harmonious.

      Product Name
      Print head
      Ricoh GH5   3/6
      Media thickness
      max 100mm
      Ink &ink color
      UV ink&C,M,Y,K,W
      Continuous in supply system&Capacity 2000ml& 220V/3600W
      Print media
      Ceramic,acrylic,wooden crafts,canvas,glass,crystal,leather,PVC,ABS,moble phone shell ,etc
      Print speed
      Draft model:45m²/h,standar model:18m²/h,hifh pricision:12m²/h,ultrahigh precision:8m²/h
      vacuum adsorption platform&USB2.0 universal serial interface




      Advertising production


      In the future, UV flatbed printing and Cutting & Engraving machine will be gold-partners in advertising production industry.
      The combination of UV flatbed printing and Cutting & Engraving machine saves the process of cutting film, stickers and patterns, which exploits its advantages of high quality and efficiency in coiled material and plate.Distribution of industry is the standard to satisfy every high-end customer.UV flatbed printers better the needs of gradient ramp in commercial graphics industry. It is a new and great solution to this industry.


      Sliding door industry


      Customization is now available to the mass consumer group, which shows superior painting according to the individuals.
      UV printing in the home improvement industry is truly up to the standard of zero volatile odors. Industrial print head can print 
      out fantastic painted pattern on the uneven surface of the substrate, which promotes the development of sliding door industry. 
      Industrial printers can print out a variety of new effects on a variety of new environmentally friendly substrate, such as wood grain, colored drawing, 3D effect and faded effect. (Gold and silver printing is upcoming.)


      Glass project


      The improvement in flotation beads platforms makes it timesaving, laborsaving and easier to change printing materials.
      In the glass industry, white color print has been widely used. The innovation and combination of products in different fields 
      has been developed into industrialization. The improvement in flotation beads platforms enables workers to move the glass
      in the platform with much ease and convenience. Meanwhile, reducing the glass moving on the table lowers the risks of collision.


      Background wall scheme


      The scheme gives more visual impact on background wall. And the pictures seem to be more layering with painted bump effect.
      UV printing is also of concern in interior decorating. In the new period of rapid development in China’s decoration industry, 
      tile walls play a role in interior decoration with breakthrough solutions and applications. In the period of tile walls’ rapid development, we will provide you with premium service and equipment package applications.


      Advertising signs


      UV flatbed printers better the needs of gradient ramp in commercial graphics industry. It is a new and great solution to this industry.Advertising Signs take themselves off colors. UV flatbed printer will subvert the traditional tedious process and thus no longer rely ontechnicians which were necessary with flat-screen printer. Further, we will be on the way to industrial 4.0 eras in which using machinesinstead of human resources in.

       UV Flat bed Printer With Ricoh Gen5 Printhead and LED lampUV Flat bed Printer With Ricoh Gen5 Printhead and LED lampUV Flat bed Printer With Ricoh Gen5 Printhead and LED lamp



      Packaging & Shipping

       wooden case



      Our Services


      1.we offer one year warranty(excluding printhead and consumable parst). During this period ,if the boards are broken, please send back and we will repair them.
      2.You can discuss operation and maintenance with our technician online support service by Skype, Teamvier etc. Remote control will be provided upon request.
      3.there is Demo DVD in the spare part box together with printer to show you how to install and maintain the printer.
      4.Free onsite installation and training
      If you are able to help us with getting the visa and also would like to bear the costs involved like flight tickets, food, etc, we can send our technician to your office, and to give you a free installation and training for as long as you know how to operate it

      5. any needs please feel free contact me

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